Labour Inspectorate

Labour Inspectorate work with employers and employees (and
other people and agencies) to make sure that workplaces follow at least the
minimum employment standards and laws

From 1 April 2017, new measures will stop employers who do not comply with or who have breached employment law from recruiting migrant workers. An amendment to immigration instructions means that, as a consequence of not having complied with employment standards, employers that have received a penalty (or similar) for a breach will be viewed as non-compliant with New Zealand employment law and will face a set stand down period from the ability to support a visa application.

More information is available with at the website

Retail client Investigation, Christchurch

A client recently opens a new retail store, 6 months into a business he was investigated by Labour Inspectorate. Since client was new to business, he wasn’t happy about it.

Our advice to the client was to cooperate with the investigation as he has done nothing wrong. After 3 months of investigation, the results were in favor of the client & was very relieved. As a result of good bookkeeping & payroll systems, managed by Swift Accounting this was achieved.

Letter of clearance form Labour Inspectorate 

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