how to use xero
how to use xero

There are certain requirements that have to be met to qualify as a tax invoice

  1. The words “tax invoice” should be clearly visible 
  2.  Company/Sole Trader/Supplier name & GST number 
  3. Detail of Goods & Services
  4. Date / Address
  5. Specifically mention of GST inclusive or exclusive amount 
If the value of goods & Services is than $50, then a tax Invoice may not be required, but a simple record can be kept.

can I use Xero to raise Invoices?

Xero has lots of features when its comes to raising Invoice. Part payment is a breeze, Monthly Account statement & auto payment reminders makes it easier to collect  small businesses to collect payments. 

Can I use manual Invoice?

If you issue less that 10 Invoices a month & payments are easier to collect then, manual Invoicing is cheaper way of Issuing Invoices, here is download link to Invoice with built in GST Calculations. 

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