how to use xero

There are certain requirements that have to be met to qualify as a tax invoice

  1. The words “tax invoice” should be clearly visible 
  2.  Company/Sole Trader/Supplier name & GST number 
  3. Detail of Goods & Services
  4. Date / Address
  5. Specifically mention of GST inclusive or exclusive amount 
If the value of goods & Services is than $50, then a tax Invoice may not be required, but a simple record can be kept.

can I use Xero to raise Invoices?

Xero has lots of features when its comes to raising Invoice. Part payment is a breeze, Monthly Account statement & auto payment reminders makes it easier to collect  small businesses to collect payments. 

Can I use manual Invoice?

If you issue less that 10 Invoices a month & payments are easier to collect then, manual Invoicing is cheaper way of Issuing Invoices, here is download link to Invoice with built in GST Calculations. 

Saurav Verma,, Xero Certified

Saurav Verma,, Xero Certified

Saurav is qualified & experienced small business expert. Saurav has been helping small businesses grow with his expert advice. From past seven years he has been predominantly providing payroll & accounting support to businesses across New Zealand.

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