Accounting Software for Small Business

One of most common question from clients is which small business accounting software they should use Xero or Myob? is Xero better or Myob? What do you recommend Xero or Myob? Their is no straight forward answer to it.

Xero and Myob are both small business experts & both provide exceptional accounting software. The answer then comes down to nature of business activities.

Do I even need an Accounting Software?
Business who don’t raise Invoices or Quotes: Barbers, Dairy Shops, Tattooist, Security contractors or business issuing few Invoices a month, they don’t need to pay monthly subscription fee for something they’d hardly use, your accountant should provide you with simple way of managing your sales & purchase.

Business who raise Quotes or Invoices, where customer parts pays you, like painters, plumbers, carpenters & other tradies, Niche retail shops, Marketing Agency, Cleaning services; a good  accounting software backed by small business accounting experts is must.

My Accountant only uses Xero. do I have be on Xero too?                                                   Your accountant should be able to support all software whether its Xero, Myob, Quickbooks, Zoho, even excel sheets. A tech savvy & experienced accountant should be able to understand your business & then provide you advice on software. 


Choose, what work's for you not your accountant

Xero & Myob are great software, both are based in New Zealand & understands small business.

  • Very Simple to use & 100% online
  • Auto bank feeds which means no manual entry of bank transactions
  • Connects to 100's of addons which aligns with your business
  • Ability to track sales & purchases in multi currencies
  • Asset register, which is missing from most accounting software in market
  • Loved by most accountants
  • Ease of Access, not 100 % online
  • Auto bank feeds which means no manual entry of bank transactions
  • NZ based phone support
  • Pricing is cheaper
  • Ability to run multi business under 1 subscription
  • Back ups can be restored to a certain date, which gives peace of mind
  • Larger consumer base & used by many accountants
Saurav Verma,, Xero Certified

Saurav Verma,, Xero Certified

Saurav is qualified & experienced small business expert. Saurav has been helping small businesses grow with his expert advice. From past seven years he has been predominantly providing payroll & accounting support to businesses across New Zealand.

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